How to use search filters

  1. Here you should enter the searched word.
    Search engine doesn't discriminate upper and lower cases.
    You can also enter only a part of the word (e.g. if you type "bhak", the result will show words like bhaktiyoga, Bhaktivedanta, etc.).
    Sign + is logical element AND. You should use it if you want to find an articles where all typed words appear at least once (e.g. "bhak+Krishna+Vrindavan").

  2. Search button.

  3. You can limit your search to only some category of articles. (E.g. India- Holy Places).

  4. Selection of language of articles (Czech or English).

  5. You can specify your search only to some item like: author, name of article, text of article (or all of them).

  6. It will sort articles according to selected criteria.

  7. It will sort articles according to date of entry into database.

  8. It will sort articles according to their visit rate (number of readers).

  9. It will show all categories of articles and information about numbers of Czech and English articles in that category and average number of readers per article.

  10. How to add your article, recipes or pictures.

  11. Shows this help window..